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    Hi, i own 7 web sites, with around 2000 daily visits each with tendency to grow.I am currently using shared dedicated server, but i want to get my own hosting. As i am not able to pay too much at the moment, i can't get a dedicated server. Can you please give me advice on which VPS web hosting to choose? Do i have to use dedicated server or can i use VPS for now? All comments are welcomed. Thank you in advance.

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    What kind of site you are running and how much bandwidth traffic you are getting?
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    My sites are all with different themes - mostly blogs and galleries. I really don't know my bandwidth traffic, is there a way to check this? Is it complicated?

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    Yes, current traffic is important.
    In my opinion you can go with a multi-domain shared hosting plan.
    If you run mostly blogs and galleries with about 2000 visitors together, than you probably don't need to break the bank.
    You might be allright with a multi-domain shared hosting plan, for about $8-$12 a month.

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    I've used Jetfire VPS for some personal sites, and they have been quite good.

    But I agree that depending on the traffic, you might be OK with a shared hosting account, as long as you don't fall for the cheapest of the cheap.

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    You have to make sure you know how to manage your VPS/DS if you go for that as VPS/DS is self manage unless you subscribe to their manage service.

    Besides that, you also have to define what's your budget and your future plan in order to decide whether you should upgrade it to VPS/DS.

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    Check out the hosting offers section in these forums.

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    If you can't afford Dedicated server and don't have any experience for management, you can use Managed VPS with good configuration for now.

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    Consider semi-dedicated (enterprise) hosting. It has more power for the site, but is still a type of "shared" hosting. You don't have to worry about admin'ing the server (security!). I always suggest Stablehost or MDD Hosting for that.
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