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    Extreme cheapest web hosting in India?

    Hey guys, which is the cheapest web hosting company in India.

    I want to start a blog, of which I am not much confident. So do not want to invest much in it.

    Just want to try out.

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    How cheap is "extreme cheap"?

    (in other words, what may your budget be for your blog)

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    not to get in your way, but if you're starting a blog and going for lowest cost, why not just use any of the free blogs? There's (great customisation, but not as great as hosted wordpress, much better than Tumblr and blogger though), Tumblr, and Blogger.

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    If you have too small budget why not start up with free blog sites such as blogspot or wordpress and move on to your own hosted blog when you are familiar of confident of your blog's success ? (just an suggestion)

    And what's your exact budget, for some cheap means $20 for some it means $1
    Why do u want hosting precisely in India ? Targeting Indian users or because of your location ? You must be aware of the fact, the price which u pay for hosting in India, the same price might fetch a bigger server specs in US or EU hosted sites & widens the scope of more reliable companies.

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    Rather than going for the 'extreme cheapest' I would suggest you to go to a free host.
    But as the person above said, what is your extreme cheap budget like?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 123rohit View Post
    Hey guys, which is the cheapest web hosting company in India.

    I want to start a blog, of which I am not much confident. So do not want to invest much in it.

    Just want to try out.
    Hello Rohit,
    Welcome to WHT

    As others have suggested you should start off with a BlogSpot/Blogger or Wordpress free blog. You have the option to use your own domain name later on as well as shift the blog to a paid hosting account. You can also use free hosting companies like X10Hosting.

    Some of the free options would be better than the $1/Rs1 Unlimited hosts.
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    Btw, wordpress free blog hosting does'nt allow you to include any form of ads. If you are thinking of adsense, better try with blogspot.
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    You can try the offers section. There may be offers that may fit into your budget.

    You can also try free hosting but there may be reliability issues.

    You can also try free blogging platforms such as WordPress or blogger. But you will have to move to your own domain someday in the future.
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    Do note that 'Extreme Cheap' is not always the 'best'. Therefore, it is recommended to lookup some reviews first.

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