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Host4Geeks is an industry leader in reliable and affordable hosting solutions. We take immense pride in our leading customer service and support.

Are you tired of endless downtimes? Long support response times? Poor speeds? You don't need to deal with these! You are paying your hard-earned money, why put up with sub-par services??!! Make a move!

Host4Geeks is here!


:: Specials ::

20% Recurring Discount: Get an amazing 20% recurring discount on your VPS for the entire duration of your stay with us.



Free Basic Server Management: Install Linux and cPanel on your VPS and our technicians will manage several aspects of your server. Free of cost.

Free 1Gbps Port:Burst through our amazing route optimized network blend of the best carriers around.

Free Migration: If you are migrating from a cPanel VPS, sit back and relax while we take care of the entire migration for you.


::Rockstar Support::

We pride ourselves in offering Industry Leading Support. Our helpdesk is manned 24x7x365 by our technicians. We offer an average response time of just 20 minutes.

Don't believe us?

Given below is a report exported directly from our support center which shows the average response times for our tickets on a daily basis.

SEE HERE: http://h4g.co/custlove

24x7 Live Chat Support: We also offer 24x7 live chat support for all Level 1 issues.

*The live chat on the main website is for sales & billing issues only and is available during business hours. The technical support chat is available from with in your customer portal.

That's the Host4Geeks Guarantee!



Advanced Server Management: Optional add on for a more comprehensive and complete management for your server. Priced at $15 /mo.

cPanel VPS License: $15 /mo

WHMCS License: $12.95 /mo

Free Server Monitoring: Get access to our server monitoring platform and get in depth statistics on various aspects of your VPS.

Server Monitoring is provided for free to all our managed VPS server clients. After your server is online, just open a ticket and ask for your server to be added to our monitoring system.


::Now the plans::

Details about each plan can be found here: http://h4g.co/vps


CPU: 1 Core
Dedicated RAM: 256MB
vSWAP: 256MB
Bandwidth: 500GB Premium Bandwidth

Price: $5.95 /mo $4.76

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CPU: 1 Core
Dedicated RAM: 512MB
vSWAP: 512MB
Bandwidth: 1000GB Premium Bandwidth

Price: $9.95 /mo $7.96

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CPU: 2 Cores
Dedicated RAM: 1024MB
vSWAP: 1024MB
Bandwidth: 1500GB Premium Bandwidth

Price: $18.95 /mo $15.16

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CPU: 4 Cores
Dedicated RAM: 2048MB
vSWAP: 2048MB
Bandwidth: 2000GB Premium Bandwidth

Price: $35.95 /mo $28.76

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CPU: 4 Cores
Dedicated RAM: 4096MB
vSWAP: 4096MB
HDD: 100GB (RAID 10 SAS)
Bandwidth: 3000GB Premium Bandwidth

Price: $49.95 /mo $39.96

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Los Angeles -

We're located inside one of the best and leading facilities in LA - CoreSite.


::Customer Reviews::

Ratelobby: http://h4g.co/ratelobby