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    Question Buy from a reseller of Smakhunt reseller or

    Since I am low on budget, I was planning to buy a low cost web hosting account for multiple domains.

    Yesterday I came across this website and found some really cool reviews about them. After having a couple of words with their customer support and analyzing their own website I was convinced that their service is good.

    However, they are very expensive when it comes to web hosting for multiple domains.
    Then I found out that one of their reseller is selling me the same plan for half the cost that they offered me.
    Since the hardware is going to be the same and official website hosts 40 accounts/server and the reseller promises to host only 30 accounts/server to keep the performance on the better end.

    The only doubt that I have now is whether to go for buying with a reseller of them and compromise a little on customer support (which I don't think I would be needing a lot of time) or I must search out for any alternative.

    Also, I would like to compare my options with, the hosting provider that charges according to the amount of resources that we use.

    My web requirements are to host three Wordpress blogs with moderate use of images (probably won't matter after using photone and/or cloudflare). All three blogs, in total, get less than 1K traffic per day as of now. All blogs in total have about 17 posts which will rise one post per day (considering only one post on a blog in a day).

    What are your experience and suggestions?

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    Smackhunt=Scam and Fraud

    I can say it louder but not clearer...Smackhunt are criminals.

    • They don't give you service.
    • They don't give you your money back when they remove your service.
    • They are a well structured crime hosing: they only sell via PayPal and PayPal only refund if it's a physical product...
    • They or he (I think it's a one man show) are selling the hosting site.

    Don't touch them with a stick!

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