Cartika - When it Matters
13+ years of servicing customers hosting and infrastructure requirements. 24x7 support is always available via phone, chat and helpdesk. Cartika owns and operates all of our equipment. We offer Tier1/Tier2 redundant upstreams, with plenty of upstream capacity. 100% Juniper WAN/LAN networks with redundant Gbps & 10G capacity throughout. Every single device under our control is powered by redundant 2N A+B power. All of our servers use hot swap components, hardware raid cards and dual power supplies. We proactively monitor every aspect of our infrastructure and networks and confidently back all of this with a simple and clear 100% network and infrastructure uptime SLA

The Cartika IaaS Public Cloud Offering - HERE

Key Features
  • Purchase Pools of Resources in Dallas, United States &/or Toronto, Canada and centrally manage everything
  • Purchase Pools of Resources and allocate those resources however you want across 1 or more Virtual Machines (VMs)
    *]Instant setup, provisioning and deployment of Virtual Machines (new accounts may require billing verification)
  • Centrally manage and control all sorts of infrastructure (Public VPS Farms, Public Clouds, Private Infrastructure) and complimentary products and services, across multiple countries
  • Each Node within our Public Cloud Pools come equipped with 8-16 Cores, 96-256GB RAM, Redundant 2N A+B Power Drops, Redundant bonded Gbps WAN uplink ports and Redundant, high capacity paths to our storage layer
  • A full High Availability IaaS Cloud Solution with self healing and elastic infrastructure. Your Virtual Machine will automatically migrate as required in case of physical hardware failure or in scenarios where elasticity beyond the current node is required
  • ZFS based storage layer with elastic SSD Read/Write caches and SAS spindles
  • Scale your Cloud VM resources up &/or down (auto-scale and manual-scale support)

View complete pricing details HERE

Starting at 3.8c/hour - $50 Deposit Required (hourly resource based billing with new invoice generated when balance expires)
*for monthly pricing, local storage solutions, please see our VPS offerings

Resource Pricing (On State)
  • RAM - $0.00002/MB/hour
  • CPU - $0.025/Core/hour *
  • Disk - $0.00055/GB/hour
  • IP Addresses (WAN+LAN) - 0.0028/IP/hour
  • Snapshot/Template Disk Space - $0.20/GB/month
  • Bacula4Hosts File/Database Backup Disk Space - $10/month/50GB
  • Network Capacity (WAN+LAN) - 20 Mbps included/free
  • Network Capacity (WAN+LAN) - additional Mbps - $0.12/Mbps/month
  • Bandwidth - Free within your purchased Network Capacity

Resource Pricing (Off State)
  • RAM - $0.00001/MB/hour
  • CPU - $0.015/Core/hour
  • Disk - $0.00030/GB/hour

The Cartika Managed Cloud Offering - HERE
Key Features
  • Managed Windows & Linux KVM Cloud Servers
  • Monthly Management Fee + Hourly Resources & Hourly Bursting
  • Free Control Panel (cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, HSphere)
  • Cartika Proactive Management
  • Free CloudLinux/Ksplice (Linux) and WSUS/Forefront (Windows)
  • No charge bandwidth. Unmetered usage within your Network Capacity (WAN+LAN)
  • Includes 15 Bacula4Hosts Restore Points with full self service restore capabilities

View complete pricing details HERE

Private Cloud

Key Features
  • A full high availability Cloud model
  • Receive 2 dedicated nodes (US or Canada) to create Virtual Machines on
  • OnAPP interface for VM management
  • Receive a private storage volume (SSD Read/Write Cache + SAS Data Disks)
  • Full IaaS functionality within your dedicated infrastructure and centrally manage resource pools on our Public VPS Farms or Public Cloud as required
  • Create as many Virtual Machines as required and can be accommodated on your private infrastructure
  • Choose your CPU (E3-1270v2, dual E5-2620 or dual E5-2650)
  • Configure your RAM (32GB, 128GB or 256GB)
  • Choose the size of your private volume
  • Redundant 2N A+B Power Drops to each Node
  • Redundant WAN and LAN Connections

Value Added Services