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    Remote SQL Connections

    Hey guys

    I have a use who wants to use remote sql connections to populate his DB.

    Everything is set for him to go and connect, but he is not able to connect.

    Im looking for some tools/apps I can use to test this out as I never used the function before.

    If anyone can suggest something that would be great.

    thank you

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    Which SQL server?

    If mySQL then make sure
    1) your server is bound to rather than localhost
    2) your firewall is open
    3) you gave the user permissions to connect from the remote host

    You can test easily with telnet $hostname 3306 or mysql -h $hostname ...
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    which control panel are you using? In some case, you would need to whitelist your IP in the server.

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    You can use the following guide in case of MySQL :

    And yes as @luki said make sure you have covered the 3 mentioned points.
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    Hey guys thanks for the feedback. Sorry for not posting sooner, but I never got any notifications of new posts

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