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    PHP script to analyze Apache and Mysql tuning

    MySQL and Apache process are the most memory consuming process in web servers. I have created a simple PHP script which allows users to know the total memory usage of Apache and PHP. The script is very simple and can be downloaded free from

    The script will be handy for VPS web hosting customers and tech supports who works in web hosting companies. It can be used as a starting script for apache and MySQL tuning. Kindly provide your valuable suggestions.

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    Re: PHP script to analyze Apache and Mysql tuning

    I will try the script...

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    Hi jomausiu,

    Thank you for your valuable reply

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    The link is broken, is this still valid? I was willing to check it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by UplinkVPS View Post
    The link is broken, is this still valid? I was willing to check it out
    The link loads fine for me.
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    Ohh it was the wget link that was not working on that page. I see the extension is missing tar.gz it has just .gz. Sorry about that. -- Gigabit Hosting
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