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    Upgrade PHP version inside CloudLinux PHP Selector

    I have installed PHP Selector on cPanel and it is working great. Now I need a more refined version of PHP 5.3, where it is running 5.3 and I need 5.3.3. Anyone know how I go about getting the correct version for my needs installed?

    I found the link where this is outlined but while I can get around SSH without much issue, I am still a n00b when it comes to doing this. Here is the documentation I found.
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    CloudLinux is shipping the latest build of PHP 5.3 from (5.3.27) - I wouldn't recommend trying to use a old one.

    If you need to unfortunately you're going to need to follow their documentation. You might be able to use one of their older RPM's and add a exclude to prevent it from updating but that'd be kludge at best.
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    They won't be running 5.3, it will be 5.3.x - you'll need to check out the exact version.

    If you put the text: <?php phpinfo();
    into a file ending in .php and call it from a URL, you'll be able to see the exact version it is running.

    If you need 5.3.3 specifically, you're really doing it wrong; the code should probably be fixed to work (unless it's that "is_a() deprecated" error, but I beleive that was reinstated).

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    Keep in mind 5.3 is not supported anymore. - Is your site up?
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