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    Hi WHT

    I am new here i am just wondering if there is a forum here for giving away free scripts etc. I am a WHMCS third party developer and i wish to share a few things with other members here, any advice would be appreciated.



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    Re: New Here!

    Hi and welcome to WHT, I hope you enjoy your stay.

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    Hi Jiffy,

    Thanks, glad to be a part of this website

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    Re: New Here!


    Hope to be able to see your website soon, maybe you could post in the reviews section so members can take a look and give you some feedback?

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    That would be a good idea, however its not fully finished yet still a bit of tidying up etc to do. I can PM you the URL maybe so you can take a quick peak?

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    Re: New Here!

    That would be great Paul, if you meet the requirements to send PM's.

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    I am guessing because i am a new member i dont have access to much yet?

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    Re: New Here!

    Beause you're new you have limited access to some features but after 7 days and I think its 10 posts if I remember right you'll have full access.

    You will need to mee both 7 days amd the post count to gain the access though.

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    Was just browsing through your site and just to let you know your menu links SUPPORT & CONTACT have dropped down onto your WHMCS nav menu. I am viewing in chrome

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    Re: New Here!


    Is that site wide or the main site or client area?

    What size monitor are you using? So I can test using our screen resizer.

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    Its your client area, i have a 15.6 inch monitor and i am viewing in google chrome i will test other browsers now for you. Looking at it i think it could be the SSL thats the issue

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    Does this issue appear to be fixed now?

    Also, Mod's sorry this has gone off topic.

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    Yes the issue is fixed And yes sorry mods that this has gone off topic, new here so cant PM etc

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    Thanks Paul, the fonts were running on http rather than https. Did come to mind earlier but then slipped my mind again, at least it's resolved.

    Anyways Paul, could you tell me a little about the nature of your business?

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    I had a feeling it was something to do with the links least its resolved now as you said. Well the past 3 years or so i have been working on modules, themes etc for WHMCS but i never had myself a website it was all just word of mouth. So around about 6-7 months ago i decided it was time to get a website up, however not having enough funds at the time i had to do things slowly. As soon as my site is finished i will have a collection of WHMCS modules developed by myself, plus i will be offering many of other services such as integrations, installations and so on. I will also have a lot of stuff that will be FREE

    So basically my business is services for the WHMCS system.

    Sorry for the story jiffy


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