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    Exclamation resellersclub error under whmcs

    after i installed the server, configured both whmcs and resellersclub, i get this error

    "Invalid TLD/Registration Period Supplied for Domain Registration"

    when an used confirms a domain buy....

    could it be a communication issue between Resellerclub and WHMCS?

    the other features work great, potential users can see a domain availability, which domains are already registere, and so on

    the only problem is when an user try to confirm the domain registration, selecting the desired package to buy..

    the whmcs version is 5.2.3

    thank you in advance, feel free to move this discussion in the right thread

    best regards, Arkosoft

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    Exclamation issue screen

    i noticed that before to confirm the buy, the "period" list is empty, as in the pict....

    so, where can i configure these options?
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    Try going to "Products and Services" -> "Domain Pricing"

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneZSolutions View Post
    Try going to "Products and Services" -> "Domain Pricing"
    Yeah this is what you do, then make up your TLD's that you offer, then for each TLD click "open pricing" and there you can setup prices for up to 10 years.
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    same issue

    i filled any price field, but nothing changed.... problem is from the external site, no duration appears to be selectable

    i also noticed that either the "renew domain" that "new domain" option, the combo box for the duration doesnt appear, but still the message appears,

    with the internal panel i can create a new/renew domain operation.....
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    This may or may not be related, but "EURO" is not a valid currency code. Use "EUR" instead:
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