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    How to install wordpress in

    Dear pals,
    I plan to use VPS.NET for my wordpress instance . I look around the service and find one url . In that I can find 2 steps . I attach that steps in figure.
    Please advise how in step 2 , the domain name is attached to our service ? How I can transfer my local pc file to cloud server?

    Please advise me

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    Not sure if I'm understanding your question but the domain name in pic 2 would be the domain name people would type in their browser to visit your site ( do have a domain name don't you?) and the URL field under it would be left blank unless you want to install wordpress into a different directory...which I assume you do not.

    Hit deploy...Wordpress installls...log into your Wordpress dashboard and upload files under Media/add content.

    Is that what you're asking?

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