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    How to host web site for beginners?

    Guyz please provide me a full tutorials to host website.... if possible.

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    Re: How to host web site for beginners?

    Find web developer or design studio. If you're not trained please don't make your own website, they're always terrible and they make your business look silly. No one will take you serious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whitetom View Post
    Guyz please provide me a full tutorials to host website.... if possible.
    What kind of site do you wish to build or host? Will it be a personal website, or an e-commerce website and/or site for a business?

    If you need a professional website built, the advice above to go with a developer is the probably the best course of action. If you simply need hosting for website that you or another party has already built, you should search for a reputable managed hosting provider that fits your needs and price range. If you want to learn about site and server management along the way, that's fine (and probably recommended) - but at least you'll have support available as necessary with a managed solution.

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    If you are planning to start you own website there are two steps.

    1. design a website which you can do it yourself or hire a web designer to do it for you. You can do this on freelance websites like Odesk or Elance.

    2. Buy a domain and web hosting. There are dozen of domain registrars and webhosting providers online where you can buy a domain and webhosting. I recommend to find one that has cPanel.

    3. Upload your site.
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    Because you have come to WHT and will like to start your own website, I will first of all congratulate you on that. It shows you are serious.

    First of all, you will need a domain name, that is your unique identity on the internet.

    Secondly, you will need whome to host with. This is always a very complicated step because a lot of factors come into play.
    But to put it simply, go for a smaller host because as a beginner you will encounter lots of problems and they can readily assist than well established companies.

    Once you have set up a hosting account, there is when you will encounter more practical issues, which you could ask on this forum for help.
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    Or you can do it simpler.
    Get a webhosting package with application/script install included - most of the providers offer that.
    Get a Wordpress script installed.
    Then you can look at some wordpress tutorials, download a theme to your liking, add content and you are all set.
    It does not get easier than that.

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    Find a right host - it's very important!

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    You can look at web hosts who include script installers and website builders. Or if you'd rather have one made professionally you'd need to hire a web designer.
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    There are too many variables. What will the site be used for? What type of site do you need? What is the goal of the website? With out knowing more information, members will be limited with their responses.

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    Well first of all do the math on how much you plan to spend vs how much you will actually need to spend. Next thing you know your money is all gone. What kind of website you planning to host? Are your customers planning to buy from you? Then you will need SSL and Dedicate IP. Design a good website- Use wordpress great and free.

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    do you already have a site and just need hosting?

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    Rymn, has a very good point. If you want to learn it and do it as a hobby or business then do but don't make a website for your business if it's the first because it will look terrible.

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    Best thing here would to purchase a nice decent shared hosting account with cPanel. CPanel is very easy an user friendly it's a wonderful control panel made. You should also consider going with a provider that has great support if you feel that you are not tech savy.

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    3 step
    make html site
    pay hosting
    upload site
    ok now

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