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    My VPS is DOWN (Please Help)

    Hello people my site is down for more than 8 hours. It was working fine before but then suddenly I don't know what went wrong!

    I left like 5 - 7 tickets to my host but still no reply!

    Is there anything I can do to solve this?

    My site's nameservers are not responding -

    See the links below -

    Please guide me anyone!

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    Your site is loading for me (Atlanta, GA), HOWEVER, I do see a major issue with your nameservers. You should not have BOTH of your nameservers on the same IP.

    Technically, they shouldn't even be on the same server, either, but that won't break everything if they are.

    Recommendation: get on a different IP, preferably on a different server, or use a third party service to handle additional DNS externally. Something like should work for you for your secondary and tertiary nameservers. Keep your primary one on the same system as your website.
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    See how ur site load arround world, its working fine i guess
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    Thank you so much people for your concern and help! Blessings!

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    Is that an illegal download/link site?

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