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    Where to get brand logos?


    I'm looking to have the following logo's on my site, but not sure where to get them:
    - SuperMicro
    - Crucial
    - Intel
    - Linux
    - Cisco

    Note: needs to be legal

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    You can get it from their Official website itself or rather contact them directly - the best approach.
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    Contacting them directly is the best approach. Get their approvals as only that way it would be legal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tecsys View Post
    Contacting them directly is the best approach. Get their approvals as only that way it would be legal.
    This. All of these companies have PR departments. It should not take long.
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    I would contact them and see if you can get a High Resolution copy and follow their guidelines.
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    search on graphicriver

    You can find them on, and are cheap.
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    Wikipedia is also a good logo resource, they are usually in SVG format, which is a vector format, so you can scale it as you want.

    The disadvantage is that they are in RGB colors, so not usually perfect for print
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    Rather than just asking for a logo file, ask them for a "PR Kit" or "Media Kit". Most companies have a good sized repository of all sorts of graphics and images. Usually high resolution images of not only the main logo, but their official variants as well.
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    Placing a CISCO logo could be done when we are affiliated to them on any ways or a certified member.

    Intel has a set of Trademark guidelines.

    Linux - I guess no restrictions.
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