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    Pre-Register Upcoming New gTLDs?

    With the new gTLDs on the horizon many registrars have been advertising so called pre-registration programs where you can reserve your domain early. What exactly this entails I am not sure.

    Have any of you joined a pre-registration programs?

    Personally I don't want to give up details on the domains I am interested in to just anyone. Is there a good place to keep up-to-date with new TLD information without giving up specifics of what I want?
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    Remember that is very difficult to become an ICANN registrar and besides that ICANN act very quick when they receive complains about Registrars... It means that is very secure to pre-register a new tld domain request...(in my opinion).

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    If i'm not mistaking, with these programs I believe you just pay for the CHANCE of registering these domains, then you have to pay extra for the actual registration..

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    There are a few I'm wanting to get. Hopefully, I will have the ability to buy them.

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