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    * ZendOptimizer, ZendGuard, IonCube and sourceguardian on Windows Plesk

    Hi everyone ;
    I have Plesk 11.5 installed on Windows server 2008 R2.
    On the Plesk installation i have 3 different versions of PHP.

    PHP 5.2.17 - PHP 5.3.27 - PHP 5.4.16

    What i am trying to install is as bellow :
    On PHP 5.2.17 : Ioncube - SourceGuardian - ZendOptimizer
    On PHP 5.3.27 : Ioncube - SourceGuardian - ZendGuard
    On PHP 5.4.16 : Ioncube - SourceGuardian - ZendGuard

    My PHP is Thread Safe so for IonCube and SourceGuardian i downloaded ts versions.
    i put the corresponding .dll and .win files in ext folder for each PHP installation and then i call them in php.ini as follows :


    where [x] is the address corresponding to each PHP version and extension_name.dll is the name of the extension ( in case i am calling sourceguardian).

    Now here is the problem :

    On PHP 5.2.17 : IonCube works - SourceGuardian Gives 500 Internal error - ZendOptimizer Works
    On PHP 5.3.27 : Nothing Works [it's like PHP does not even look at those call lines!]
    On PHP 5.4.16 : Nothing Works [it's like PHP does not even look at those call lines!]

    Now in each case, i have tested all available versions of those files which corresponds to my PHP version. for example for SourceGuardian i tested both x86 and x64 and VC6 versions for PHP 5.3. I Also tried putting them into their own separate folders. for example : IonCube/extension_name.dll. but it seems like PHP just does not look at what i call in there.

    I Checked the phpinfo() output and i am sure that i am editing the right php.ini files.

    I will be very thankful if you give me directions on solving this problem.

    Thanks in advance

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    anyone?! it's killing me ... i didn't receive any answers in Plesk Forum either!

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    ok! Thanks for not helping but here is the answer :

    "zend_extension_ts" is removed since PHP 5.3 so you just have to use "zend_extension" instead.
    although i still have a few problems getting some loaders to work on specific php versions but i achieved this :

    On PHP 5.2.17 => iOnCube and Zend Optimizer are working.
    On PHP 5.3.27 => iOnCube and SourceGuardian are working.
    On PHP 5.4.16 => iOnCube and ZendGuard Loader are working.

    so even though not all loaders are working on each version, at least i have every loader activated but on different versions of php which is fine by me
    hope this will help someone who is having the same problem

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