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    How to ensure VPS' are firing on all cylinders?

    Hi all,
    I run a number of VPS’ around the world and have had some problems with down time and was wondering if anybody has some suggestions as to how to ensure that everything is running smoothly?

    I have the three scenarios below:
    1) I have had problems with VPS’ that are not working but the provider has not notified me of any problems. Is there any way to monitor VPS’s automatically daily, hourly?

    2) I run some VPS’s as forward proxy servers setup in Squid. In some cases the VPS is running fine but the forward proxy has stalled. Again is there any way to automatically get notified when a proxy is not working?

    3) I have clients who host their websites on my VPS’. Sometimes the client make changes to their website and accidental break parts or the entire site - without noticing!? The site or part of the site is down and suddenly the client notices and blames me that the site is down. It would be good if it was possible to monitor hosted domains automatically get notified when something is down?

    I would really appreciate if anybody could point me in the right direction to solutions which could help prevent these issues.

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    Monit, Nagios, Cacti - on-board tools for VPs monitoring. and similar - of-board tools to monitor VPS activity.
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    You can also take a look at:

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