Hello all, we have budget dedicated servers available. Grab it while stocks last

server ID : SH7
Pentium4 3Ghz
2gb RAM
160gb Hard drive

server ID : SH8
Dual Core 3Ghz
160GB Hard drive

server ID : SH4
Core2Quad Q9300
250GB Hard drive

server ID : R2-DS8A
Xeon Quad core x3220 2.4Ghz
500GB Hard drive

server ID : R8-DL360G5
2*E5460 ( 8 x 3.16Ghz )
4*300gb 10K RPM SAS
RAID 0,1,5,10
IPMI remote management

server ID : R8-R710
2*E5506 ( 8 x 2.13Ghz cpu core, 16 threads )
4*450GB 15K RPM SAS
RAID 0,1,5,10
IPMI remote management


All servers are unmanaged, come with..

- 2 ip address
- 10Mbps port
- Unmetered bandwidth
- 24/7 email phone support
- Free OS Reload
- Remote reboot port
- Bandwidth usage graph
- Free setup
- monthly prepaid service
- Flat rate, no tax
- Payment by Paypal , DBS, UOB
- Linux OS and windows available

- additional $2/ip
- Upgrade to 25Mbps at $25/mth
- Upgrade to 50Mbps at $75/mth
- Upgrade to 250GB HDD at $5/mth
- Upgrade to 500GB HDD at $10/mth
- Upgrade to 1000GB HDD at $20/mth
- Ping test
- Shared Juniper Networks hardware firewall

Other servers and many hardware upgrades available.. SSDs , 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, more ram.
please ask us for exact requirements

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