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    OpenVZ Load is high

    In my OpenVZ node I have few VPS clients.A One clients VPS load is very high. Please fallow the URL. I informed him in several times to attend that issue. But he is not caring about that. I'm getting lots of complaints from my other clients.

    Please open the URL

    Should I suspend that client ?

    Please advice me.

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    If he is causing issue and not giving 2 hoots, kick him out. Simple as that. Learn to fire clients if you want to stay in any industry.

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    Suspend him and await a reply from him. If there is no response in a couple of days, just terminate the account. It is safe to assume that his sole interest was to abuse your servers.
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  5. Yup this is out of control, as suggested, suspend him, try to contact him again, and if no answers in a few days, terminate the account.
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    Ideally you should dump all his logs before suspending, and check top outputs, io outputs and figure out what is causing it. Could be a number of issues, most likely something he is running or a new module/plugin he is using on his site. More details would be needed to figure it out but what you need is a system admin to figure out whats going on.
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