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    Looking for a Dedicated Mail Server

    I'm looking for a dedicated mail server for my dating network. I'm not sure what companies are fine with hosting mail servers, so I'll ask here.
    Mods - please move if I'm in the wrong section.
    Emails going out will be: internal messages/matchmaking notifications, promotions, autoresponders for non-paying members, etc.

    I'm looking for a high volume solution, capable of mailing 2-4 Million emails per day. I'm going to be using Port25 - PowerMTA as my mail transfer agent.

    Everything is fully compliant to the CAN-SPAM act and Spam complaints / bounce rates are very low so the IP's should stay clean.

    I'm looking for a company who's willing to take my business on this.

    I originally was quoted $820 / month which was outrageous for what server they offered:
    Dell R420 Server
    - Intel Dual Proc 6 Core 1.9GHz, 15MB Cache, 16GB 1333 MHz RAM
    - 4x300 Gb,SAS 15K RPM Hard Drives,1Gb Cache PERC RAID 5
    - Redundant Power Supply, Gb Internet UPlinks

    This was on RedHat linux and 4 IP Addresses, fully managed.

    Please let me know if your interested and we can get into more detail.
    If you have any experience with the PowerMTA platform, please tell me more!


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    Hello, what bandwidth are you looking for?
    Are the recipients from all over the world?
    How much storage is needed?
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    Do you require a managed server?
    If $820 is outrageous what is a price you would find reasonable?
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    The server specs are good. How much bandwidth do you need?
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  5. Are you capable of running a mail server on your own? Even most fully managed providers would probably want to shy away from providing you with e-mail support, as dealing with the spam requests that do come in from 2-4 million daily emails and ensuring your IP's stay clean is quite a daunting task.

    Have you looked at any email service providers, such as SendGrid? These companies have built out infrastructure to ensure your email delivery, something which would probably be quite helpful to your business.

    Good luck!

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