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    Encrypting a connection

    Hi, I'm looking to encrypt a permanent connection between servers, and also server to office computers.

    How can this be done? Thank you in advance!

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    Using SSL to encrypt these connections can slow the server performance. I would suggest you to try following options:
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    You can let the operating system take care of it via an IPSEC policy. With SQL Server, you must have a trusted SSL certificate.

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    Depends on the setup - Is your site up?
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    Encrypting a connection

    I would suppose IPSEC secures the IP connection?

    It's not only for security when holding information on the server but also CCTV comes from a private line and I want to secure it equally. As so it isn't the weak link in the chain.

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    You can secure server communication with Encryption technology by using an SSL Certificate but it will not secure your CCTV lines, Encryption is all about servers and browsers. I think there is a different set up to secure CCTV lines, otherwise ssl certificates are the only option to encrypt a permanent connection between servers.

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    OpenVPN it's very good because is easy to install and configure and it's secure almost like IPSEC

    FBI build a backdoor on IPSEC protocol :p

    So what it's really secure in this world? -build your own system of exchange of secret keys to your connection and encrypt all what is possible with key (not with password)

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