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    Splunk-like software for email

    I'm not sure which forum this should go in, so it'll go here for now.

    We get about 50,000 emails a day from various scripts, cPanel, our billing platform and so on. We are looking for a way to have a central system that will store all of those emails and a way to filter and search those emails (via a web-gui).

    Kinda like what splunk does for syslog, we're looking for something like that for emails.

    Does anything like this exist?

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    Re: Splunk-like software for email

    Logstash with the IMAP plugin works a charm. Use Elasticsearch as the output backend and Kibana as a web frontend for the Elasticsearch backend.

    I do recommend setting it up so instead of relying on email have a local agent on every machine forward the logs you want instead - you could then filter criteria / tag it locally and generally have more flexibility.
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