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    Would you be interested in 'semi-dedicated' hosting?

    No advertisement here!

    I'm merely researching for our upcoming business. We already run free and paid shared web hosting, but lately we've been preparing to take it up a notch and start offering semi-dedicated or enterprise hosting. It goes by many names but the gist of it is that you have more resources and more freedom.

    I will present two types of hosting and what I would like from you is to tell me which one attracts you more and why. So if you would be buying new hosting today, what would you choose?

    1.TYPE A (virtual machine-kvm based)
    14.95/m or $24/m
    512MB RAM
    1 vcpu, 5GB SAS
    1TB bandwidth
    1 IPv4
    Private SSL
    Webuzo control panel
    Managed (you would be given access only to Webuzo control panel as in shared hosting, no VPS management possible whatsoever)

    2.TYPE B (shared)
    14.95/m or $24/m
    ~512MB RAM account limit (via CloudLinux)
    10% vcpu allocation (up to %20 burstable)
    5GB SAS
    140GB bandwidth

    Features on both:
    - High Availability (99,99% uptime SLA)
    - Failover (hardware, IP, DNS, SAN)


    1.We have chosen Webuzo because it's lightweight, affordable and offers everything you might want. The VM option would have the possibility of scaling up if needed (up to 8GB RAM), charged per usage (one time fee, valid for 1h), in case of high traffic load. This is not automatic, you would need to request it first.

    Since this is limited to one website only, I believe 3GB of storage (2GB taken by server software and Webuzo) and 512MB RAM (100MB - 130MB taken by the LAMP stack including Webuzo) are enough. There would be other plans as well (1GB-8GB).

    2.As far as shared hosting goes, I think that's more than enough. The price is however the same as for a VM.


    Which plan appeals to you more? Do you have any other suggestions regarding specifications? I need to know what is it that you want.

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    I worry that low VPS specs aren't really semi-dedicated. Maybe 2GB.
    I often recommend people use semi-dedi, not VPS.
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    Thanks for your input. This is the lowest plan, however (2Gb would run about $48/m). Just above standard shared hosting but also powerful enough to run a decent Wordpress website.

    I don't know why people think that you need at least 1Gb of RAM, but preferably 2Gb, to run a website when you can run it on much less than that. I know some resellers with 512MB RAM containers having tens of cPanel accounts. Why would you need more than that to run a single website?

    When moving away from shared hosting I always suggest to start with the lowest VPS plan and move up gradually, as needed. It's easy to upgrade your account, no need to rush into things wasting your money.

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