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    * WHAT? 6GB RAM VPS FOR $7/month? ARE YOU CRAZY!?

    After an closed alpha and open beta tests with 72 beta testers, we are launching our new brand and product, VPSDime.

    The Website

    The Plan

    • OpenVZ Virtualization
    • 4 vCPU
    • 6GB Memory
    • 30GB HDD (RAID10 with 10K Drives)
    • 2TB Monthly Traffic Limit
    • 4Gbps Uplink (4 x 1Gbps Load Balanced)
    • 1 IPv4 Address
    • No IPv6 at the moment
    • Located in Dallas, TX in Incero's facility

    The Purchase Link

    The Network Tests

    The Node Specs

    • Dual E5 2620 CPU
    • 384GB Memory
    • 8 x 10K Drives RAID10

    The AUP

    We do not allow

    • BitTorrent
    • TOR
    • Public VPNs/Open Proxies
    • MineCraft Servers
    • CamFrog
    • Digital Currency Mining
    • llegal activity (SPAM, Port Scanning, DoS, etc.)

    We do allow

    • IRC
    • Other gameservers such as steam
    • Legal Adult

    Can I get more _____?

    No, however, we can combine 2 plans together.
    - Founder of Backupsy, VPSDime, Winity

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    Re: WHAT? 6GB RAM VPS FOR $7/month? ARE YOU CRAZY!?

    I will try your service

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    Tried it...

    So... umm... I definitely believe it is worth the $$$ but unfortunately the latency to GoDaddy (where my Hosted SQL is) was ~30ms where ftpit is 11ms. VPS ran stable and gave better overall throughput to GoDaddy than FTPIT. Do I think they're a scam? I deeply believe not because after my testing I chose to take them up on their money-back-guarantee: they were quick to honor it as advertised. I feel companies that keep their word and diligently put their money with their mouth is deserves every chance they can get... Karma has a lot of sales in store for them: that and their pricing

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    Do you have ubuntu desktop template: ?

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