Modules Factory pleased to announce the release of version 1.2.7 with the following changes and new features.

New Features:

  • Server Setup Automation: version 1.2.7 comes with Auto discover for automatic proxmox nodes detection and import into WHMCS servers db, also it offer an add node wizard for ability to add a single node, this also features ability to unconfigure the servers again.

  • Manual Provisioning : Beside Auto provisioning, Module now support Manual Provisioning for expanding capability to manually assign/release a VPS from a client service without deleting or affecting the VPS, quite usefull for Migration and maintenance, plus also powerfull for clients who wish to go manual without the use of Auto provisioning.

  • Custom Fields for Username/Password/Confirm are now Optional, module can automatcally generate random username/password if those fields not set.

  • Operate VM now support buttons, you have option to switch between : Local => Operate buttons (default), Remote => proxmox login Operate console. You can modify this setting from Product Setting.

  • Module now support utilizing root-password field that comes with VPS products type in WHMCS this applies to internal vps user and Openvz VPS root password.

Bug Fixes:

  • Default template not showing on edit.
  • Username and password checking on all products in cart instead of proxmox.
  • Mailto/exludes not showing on edit.
  • Default port on client area KVM manage media set to 0.
  • number of rows not working in Proxmox Addon page.

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