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    WHMCS says domain is unavailable

    Well I've been trying to set up WHMCS but there's a problem with domain registrations.

    Whenever I try to register .ee domain, it says it's already taken, but it actually isn't.

    I had the same problem before when it always said it is available so I added this: .ee||Available to my whoisservers.php.
    It all worked fine but now all of a sudden it says all .ee domains are already taken.

    Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks.

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    I would recommend you consult with the developers at whmcs. they have a pretty decent repsonse time.

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    Re: WHMCS says domain is unavailable

    It may be because your local resolvers aren't working properly.
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    OP. I would say it is the module that interfaces with the registrar. The whmcs forums might know more about it. If you have another registrar that you can try for those domains, see if you can activate that module and test it to see if it solves the issues.

    The registrar that you use for .ee domains, are you using that for any other domains? I am thinking perhaps the company changed their API, and the whmcs module is out of date, but all I can do is make educated guesses. WHMCS support, or their forums will have the answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by CodyRo View Post
    It may be because your local resolvers aren't working properly.
    you misread his question. His site is accessible, he is talking about making domain purchases via his website.

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    Domain availability checks are independent from your domain registrar; it doesn't make any difference which registrar you choose when it comes to checking the availability of domains through WHMCS.

    The issue will lie with the .ee line you added to the whoisservers.php file. If that's stopped working you'd need to contact the whois server administrator or find another whois service for .ee domains and update your modification accordingly.
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