We are here to offer you some of the best cPanel hosting around. We are the same company that brought you sites like IcyBoards and SomeImage for the past 3+ years. We are operating on a Quad Hexa-core server (24 cores) with 128GB of ram. There is PLENTY of space to grow. We own our enterprise grade hardware, we are not renting or on an overcrowded VPS like the other guys.


Bronze Package: $5.00 PER YEAR!!
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1 GB Disk SPace
25 GB Bandwidth
1 Hosted Domain
1 MySQL Database

Silver Package: $2.99/mo
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5 GB Disk
50 GB Bandwidth
1 Hosted Domain
1 MySQL Database

Gold Package: $4.99/mo
50 GB Disk
1 TB Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited MySQL Databases

Any questions, please ask!