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    CRM to start with

    I've spent the last week looking for a starting point on a new project to no avail & would appreciate any software suggestions

    The goal is to replace as my clients are now paying $1200+/month & it lacks all needed features. Basically it needs to runs customer credit checks, manage technician schedules/jobs, ranks sales reps, manage equipment inventory & track employee payroll etc.

    Also I'll be integrating their Asterisk/FreeSwitch phone system to track calls, CID account detection, click to call/directory & agent statistics.

    Obviously I'll be writing many of the features myself but I'm looking for an existing solution that has most, preferably open source with at least a rudimentary API. I was seriously considering WHMCS as I have a long history developing modules & themes for it but it seems it may not be the best fit for my clients. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    vtiger is not too bad, it may be a good starting point
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    +1 for vtiger. It is probably the most sophisticated CRM that is free and open source. We are using it integrated with Asterisk. Works really nice.

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    VTiger is your best option!

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