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    What logs should I be looking at for random server halts?

    My server is randomly halting multiple times throughout the day. I知 in /var/logs, but I知 not sure which logs I should be looking at?

    I booted my server into RescueMode (yes, I知 with OVH) ran hardware tests and nothing is wrong.

    I did install CSF yesterday because I thought I caught the problem by looking at a couple log files, Google壇 what I found looked odd, but the server halted again multiple times during the middle of the night.

    I知 thinking of throwing in the towel and going managed :-/ I wanted to learn, but I won稚 be able to deal with the server halting multiple times throughout the day.

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    Check your /var/log/messages file.

    If its a hardware hang or disk controller hang which prevents writing of the logs out you can try netconsole and log to a remote machine.

    You can also check the terminal when this happens if its possible.
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    Okay, that's what I thought. I viewed messages and I am seeing a TON of these:

    Sep 23 12:37:28 eagan named[1378]: client view external: query (cache) '' denied
    This website "paidshare" was hosted on my server, but I terminated it a while back. What could be causing this? Yesterday I watched this video on how to stop overload on "view external: query (cache)" and obviously it didn't help since my server has crashed/halted multiple times since then.

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    Is recursion disabled in the named configuration? If not, try disabling it by editing the

    and insert the following line in the "options" section

    recursion no;
    restart the named service once you save the file.
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    Yeah, I finally got recursion turned off last night after spending hours on this. I didn't think it worked though because the logs still keep coming in. Hundreds per every 1-2 minutes. Should I be worried?

    I know there's a way to disable log reports for this. I read something like {null} but it didn't work for me when I tried to restart named service.

    I woke up this morning and no reboots yet! Let's cross our fingers

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    Scratch that. The server just went 登ffline after a little over 14 hours. I put offline in quotes because I can still ping my IPs, I can still connect via SSH, but the websites all go offline and Pingdom reports the server is down.

    I知 lost here Any suggestions?

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    Looks like your web server crashed or something but there's really not enough information to go on here You could hire one of the many server management companies around to get you going instead of going fully managed as an hour of support could be cheaper and sufficient for your needs.
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    HudsonValleyHost is my new dedi provider

    I'm throwing in the towel

    I'm going managed. I just placed an order with HudsonValleyHost.

    I'm getting orders, etc. and I guess I don't have as much time as I thought to investigate issues with my server and solve. I spent a few hours last night researching the problem and thought I had it fixed, but nope.

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    You should check if there is a high load in the time of freeze.
    How are the server temperatures.
    Hard drive / array health status.
    Is there a ping to the server after freeze.
    If you have KVM can check the screen.
    RAM shortage / OOM.
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