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    43 - Great Review

    These guys have done a fantastic job for the price. I'm 3-4 months in and have 0 complaints, figured I'd leave a fresh review on here for them.

    10/10 Uptime
    10/10 Server speed and pipe speed
    ?/10 Support - Never had to contact them...

    Setup of the server was instant. I think that about sums it up, so far a great experience.

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    Please supply a domain or other proof you are using this host to
    If you donít like the road youíre walking on, start paving a new one.

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    Never got this request before. Must be something new?

    Anyway, I did go ahead and fill out the form you sent me. So that should cover it.

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    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us, its appreciated!
    [email protected][.]net | Toll Free: 866-285-4385
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    Glad to hear that. I hope they continue the good work.

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    Few updates

    So a few events have taken place and I think they deserve sharing.

    I now rank support 10/10

    I've been adding to the number of VPS's I have with

    We're up to 4.

    The 4th VPS we ordered had problems. Packet loss was about 10%. I opened a ticket and in less than an hour got a response, went back and forth with the tech a bit and got this:

    There appears to be a network problem on Node18 causing packet loss... it could be a loose network cable and we are going to have an onsite technician take a look later today. I have added a free month to the darwin VPS as our apologies for the troubles that you've been through on this new VPS - this is definitely not the usual here at WeLoveServers and it appears to be a one time isolated problem with Node18 which we are working to fix.

    That was from Christopher B.

    In order to avoid any further issues my VPS was migrated to another node while they looked at the problem and I was credited a free month. Woot!

    Network problems happen, hardware fails at times, and nothing is perfect. Anyone who expects to be with a host that never has any problems has unrealistic expectations. Best you can do is run a tight ship and when problems do occur identify them, be honest about it, and get them fixed asap. We love servers definitely has that down. And for $10 a month I'm just blown away. Great value for the money.

    Thanks for taking the time to take care of your customers, it's definitely been noted on my end and in return I'm taking the time to try and promote you a bit.

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