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    3ware 9750-4i Drive timeout detected


    The raidcontroller (3ware 9750-4i) on one of our servers is sending us the following error a few times a day.

    Sep 23, 2013 06:38:58PM - Controller 0
    ERROR - Drive timeout detected: phy=2

    I read the article on the 3ware site about the error,
    but the links how to troubleshoot are dead..

    The drives and the raid(10) are showing all "OK" in the webinterface.
    One thing is noticed was that the drive in question has 1 reallocated sector, the others drives don't.

    Any thoughts ?

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    Are you running the latest firmware? It looks like 1 of the disks is giving issues, we also had this problem before.
    I suggest you take a look at the disk which is located on PHY=2. - Online in no time
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    Can you give us your hdd model ?
    hdd dosen't have error recovery control

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    Is it still under warranty? Open up a ticket with LSI, they have fairly good support.

    We had a raid controller that kept timing out and resetting itself and it was due to a bad controller.

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    Sometimes you can have drives that are failing, but not showing typical signs. Is the array speed pretty the same as it normally has been (writes and read speeds)? We've has issues where one drive was failing and causing a raid array to randomly crawl... but smartctl stats/etc all were normal.
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    Try to switch the drive, if is still happening,most likely your controller is failing. We had this issue for us, updating firmware are not fixing the issue. We have to change the controller.
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