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    VPS Question

    I wish to create a VPS for 10-20 clients, who require 2GB memory, 20GB HDD each, running either Win/Linux OS.

    What kind of server specs and software do I need?

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    What Is your preferred location, USA or EU?
    And how much bandwidth do you wish to offer to each client?

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    This Depends on how big users you will get, But I think you can go with Quad core processor, 16Gb ram, 500GB or 1TB x2 HDDs. Software you can use solusvm.
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    I'm doing it from Singapore. Got 30Mb dedicated from my uplink.
    Offering 1 or 2Mb to each client or 10Mb shared.

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    solus looks not bad. what's the diff between xen openvz and kvm?

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    openvz is shared resources, xen/kvm is dedicated resources.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James-Hurst View Post
    openvz is shared resources, xen/kvm is dedicated resources.
    what abt enterprise and slave?

    i'm buying this server -

    32GB RAM
    3TB x 2

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    You are going to do this from your home?

    - Daniel
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    from a data centre

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    If you only want a few users, use xen/SolusVM. I'm not a huge fan of openVZ

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    If you're using Xen, you'll need at least 2-4 gigs of RAM free for the Xenserver instance itself. I would recommend you also have additional RAM available, in case customers want to upgrade. Please note that Xen's RAM configuration is locked in, once you allocate it (meaning it's not swappable or burstable), so keep that in mind, please.

    Xen and SolusVM both work very well with a mixture of Windows and Linux running on the same system, though Xen handles it a little nicer. Just make sure you have bootable ISOs for each of the OS templates you want to use.
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