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    Domain Name Suggestion

    Please help me to suggest domain name for my business form printing service. i have all ready one domain but now i want to purchase another domain for my business please suggest me?
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    Describe your business a little more, this description is a little vague - what exactly does your company do? Is it a local or international business? Do you sell online? There are lots of cool names waiting to be picked, believe me
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    Just search a domain that fits your requirements. Use your main keywords, business name, etc, and mix them to find the best combination. You are the only one who can choose, nobody else can help you with this.
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    Think of the domain extension. Will you need .com or country specific eg: domain?
    All the best
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    Google keywords "domain name generator" and you'll find loads of useful sites with tools to help you come up with a name.
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    No doubt, .com domain will give the best value for your domain name. It should be short, unique and catchy - a good domain is good money in your pocket.
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    what is the purpose of getting the second domain?
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    If the purpose of the second domain is to open your already functioning website, then why not get different extensions for the same domain name - ex. .net, .biz or something country-specific depending on your desired reach
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    What is it that you do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbforms View Post
    Please help me to suggest domain name for my business form printing service
    No match for domain "PRINTEDFORMS4BUSINESS.COM"
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    I may suggest: ( available )
    or ( available )
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    Quote Originally Posted by webhostal View Post
    I may suggest: ( available )
    Hah, this was the first thing that I checked after I saw the initial question - I guess great minds DO think alike where Service always comes with a smiling face!
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    Be sure to check AdWords keyword planner or another keyword tool, to see what keywords and topics you should be targeting with your language.

    Perhaps involve "fast," like
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    I use network solutions domain search to get domain ideas. I just type something close to what I'm looking at and then look through the alternative suggestions.
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