Swiftway is launching a new Cloud and VPS platform on the 1st of October 2013.

- Automated OS installs of the most popular Linux Distributions
- Platform supports install by mounted ISO (remote media support)
- Customers can remote reboot their VPS on the platform
- A VPS can be booted in rescue mode
- There is remote console (KVM/IP) access to the VPS from the Control Panel
- We will accept many kind of payments methods on this platform.

Features on development roadmap: Anycast DNS, Instant Backup, Snapshot function, Global load balancing, High availability cloud.

How can i get an account?
You can send a mail to [email protected] with your desired account email address and password, you will get a mail from us with login details when the platform is launched on the 1st of October 2013!
No payment is required at this phase, you can prepay on the Cloud/VPS platform and can then select one or multiple packages to be setup automatically from our platform.

Payments are done by prepayment on the platform.
To signup only an Email address and password is required.
You will not have to prepay now!

The starter lineup:

Storage VPS package (billed per month in advance)
Location: Netherlands (up to 2500 accounts supported in October)
Location: Chicago (limited availability during october, <500 accounts)
Additional locations will be added during Q4 2013 and Q1 2014

Storage RAM CPU cores Monthly traffic Price/month

100GB Storage 0.5GB ram 1 core 2TB traffic $5,-
250GB storage 1GB ram 1 core 3TB traffic $7,-
500GB storage 1GB ram 1 core 4TB traffic $10,-
750GB storage 1GB ram 1 core 5TB traffic $14,-
1000GB storage 1GB ram 1 core 6TB traffic $18,-
2000GB storage 1GB ram 1 core 10TB traffic $30,-

SSD Cloud packages (billed per hour, price listed per month)

Location: Netherlands (up to 5000 accounts supported in October
Additional locations will be added during Q4 2013 and Q1 2014

SSD storage RAM
CPU cores Monthly traffic Price/month

20GB Storage 1GB ram 1 core 3TB traffic $5,-
30GB storage 1GB ram 2 cores 4TB traffic $10,-
40GB storage 2GB ram 2 cores 5TB traffic $20,-
60GB storage 4GB ram 3 cores 6TB traffic $40,-
80GB storage 8GB ram 4 cores 8TB traffic $80,-
160GB storage 16GB ram 8 cores 14TB traffic $160,-
320GB storage 32GB ram 12 cores 26TB traffic $320,-
480GB storage 48GB ram 16 core 32TB traffic $480,-
640GB storage 64GB ram 20 core 60TB traffic $640,-
960GB storage 96GB ram 24 core 80TB traffic $960,-
Larger packages with up to 64 cores and 256GB ram on request.

SSD High Availability - On our road-map, available from November 2013
SSD High Availability, Global Load balancing - On our road-map, available from November 2013

Limited amount of accounts available during October

About Swiftway

Swiftway, a leading quality business provider of dedicated servers, has seven years of Internet experience and thousands of dedicated servers online today for clients in over 60 countries. Swiftway has the experience and expertise to help your organization meet the ever increasing demand for high-end hosting solutions.

Speedtest Swiftway AS35017 network Evoswitch, Netherlands
Speedtest Evoswitch Netherlands http://speedtest-netherlands2.swiftway.net/

Speedtest Swiftway AS35017 network 350E Cermak, Chicago
Speedtest 350E Cermak http://speedtest-chicago1.swiftway.net/

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General number Poland: 0048 85 6649970 - 8:00 - 16:00 CET (GMT+1)

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