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    HP DL380 G4


    I'm running a minecraft server, currently on an old HP desktop (Pentium III, 1GB RAM, 100 ethernet etc.), and I am looking at getting a DL380 G4 from eBay to replace it (2x Xeon 3.4Ghz, 6GB RAM, dual GB NICs, 6x 73gb 10K drives). I found a few for around a hundred bucks, which I think is a pretty good deal. First let me say that I know this server is too old to be deployed in a production environment, but this is a very low demand server (The most people I've had at a time is 4). Also, my primary reason for doing it is to learn about server architecture, RAID management, and so forth. My question is, is this server too old for even this use? Before you say it, I can't really afford anything more (I'm a high school student with an extremely part time job). I plan to install CentOS on it, and attempt to configure RAID 5 or 0+1. Thoughts?

  2. If you're aware of it's limitations from the get go, and are hosting this server at home, I don't see why this would be a bad option for you as long as it fits your budget. I wouldn't try and colo it, it's just not worth the cost for how much power it uses and how little performance it provides.

    Good luck!

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    Ok, I think I'll go for it. Thanks for the input.

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