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    Affordable router for study?

    I've decided to go ahead and complete a CCIE course and need a layer 3 router to setup a lab stack. Can anyone suggest an affordable model to purchase for this?

    I can find tons of routers on eBay of course but don't know which ones will be fully suitable for my labs.
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    Just as a note, I have to buy 3 of these now and prob add 5 more before I finish plus multiple switches. It would be great o buy new stuff and sell it once done but that means paying more now, etc, etc.
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    If I were you I would look for some old Cisco 2600s and some Catalyst 2950 switches on ebay. You can resell them for probably the same price you get them once you're done and since they've been replaced now with newer hardware you can find them for pretty cheap these days.

    GL with your CCIE, it's something I've kept putting off for years and wish I didn't.

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    Why not something like this:
    It will do the job without you having to buy some obsolete hardware.
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