HolderHost.com has finally introduced OpenVZ VPS plans.

Management Panel: SolusVm

HolderHost.com was formed in July 2012. HolderHost.com is owned by two experienced webmasters. We try our best to give you the best possible experience with a webhost. Are you wanting a webhost that is faster, more reliable and affordable than your current host? HolderHost delivers. Switch now.

Our smallest 256mb ram plan is currently unavailable but here are the others:

Unmanaged OpenVZ VPS Plans:

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OpenVZ 512mb
Jacksonville OVZ - OVZ512
512MB Ram | 512MB vSwap | 3 vCPU cores | 50GB HDD | 2000GB Bandwidth | 2 IP | 1 Gbps Link Speed

1 Month Price - $4.99 USD

OpenVZ 1Gb
Jacksonville OVZ - OVZ1024
1GB Ram | 1GB vSwap | 4 vCPU cores |75GB HDD | 3000GB Bandwidth | 2 IP | 1 Gbps Link Speed

1 Month Price - $6.99 USD

OpenVZ 2Gb
Jacksonville OVZ - OVZ2048
2GB Dedicated Ram | 2GB vSwap | 4 vCPU cores | 100GB HDD | 5000GB Bandwidth | 2 IP | 1 Gbps Link Speed

1 Month Price - $9.99 USD

TOS: http://holderhost.com/knowledgebase....yarticle&id=12
AUP: http://holderhost.com/knowledgebase....yarticle&id=13

Common things forbidden:

IRC, Bittorrent, P2P, Warez, spamming, or anything illegal in the USA. Private Proxies and VPNs are permitted.

Network Information:

JAX | Test IPv4:
JAX | Test File: http://jax.as62639.com/100MB.test

These VPS's are on nodes with Dual Xeon L5520 and at least 36Gb ram.

Payment Options:
Credit/ Debit via Paypal

Recent Review of our shared services from Martin @webhostingstuff:

Subject: 5 star service!
- by Martin Berisford of www.savvysavers.org on 22 Apr 2013:

Well, Holderhost was the first host Ive ever paid for a plan from. After hearing reviews from friends who have used their services, I decided to take the plunge and not only run my first ever website but my first ever website on a paid hosting plan. Honestly? Its gone swimmingly. There has been hiccups, dont get me wrong but the customer service has been fantastic.There was one point where my site was continually experiencing errors and as a newb, I didnt know what to do, I was still trying to learn cPanel! However, I got on to the owner, Sam and an explanation was swiftly given and the issue swiftly sorted. Since then, my site has been 99.95% error free!
As for the loading speed, I use a lot of images on my page and my page still seems to load very fast. 3.8 secs for a page with 10 50-100KB images on the homepage, amongst images for the style and with 134 requests, from what I know, thats quite good!

Either way, my experience with Hh has been fantastic, I would certainly recommend the service. Sam goes out of his way to ensure you get great service!

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