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    SSL error on cpanel redirect

    I have SSL installed into my web hosting web page that also uses whmcs to handle clients. The reseller hosting company I'm using hosts their cpanels on a 'third party' address to host the panel accounts from. When my clients register they get redirected to their cpanel which happens to be and not on this in turn produces and SSL error saying the domains don't match up.

    I need a way to work around this and the reselling company doesn't seem too helpful so far. Is there anything in whm or whmcs that iI might be able to tweak to work around this. Even if its disabling SSL and the moment of redirect?

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    Are you able to access cpanel without SSL or is it enforced on the server?
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    I do not believe it is enforced by the server. But I also do not have access to the tweak settings in WHM

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    If you try to access cPanel on :2082 or WHM on :2086, does it forward you to :2083 or :2087 with SSL respectively? If so, SSL is enforced on the server.
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    Since you have reseller account, you cannot do anything. It seems that your reseller hosting provider has selected option "Force redirect to secure URL" hence you are redirecting to SSL URL. You cannot use your SSL for cPanel URL because you are on the shared hosting server. I suggest you to go for a VPS to get full access.

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    SSL error on cpanel redirect

    In cpanel you can use tweak that you mightier faster configuration of you web server.and also used vps gett fuul access and better security

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    So It seems that I simply need to ensure that clients are redirected to a specific hostname after they log in so that there is no SSL error. Does anyone know how I might make WHMCS forward clients to the proper address after they log in?

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    If they are being redirected even when you try the IP and port, you need to speak to the host - They may have hostname redirection on inside WHM

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    Yes, this sort of sucks - you buy reseller hosting and the SSL re-directs to the company whom you buy from.

    Most (decent) hosts will have their servers wit ha generic name that is not seen as being easily associated with any particular hosting company for exactly this reason. We have a generic domain name that we use for our infrastructure that is not the same as what our hosting is sold as, which means any reseller will see the generic name of the server they are on and not our name.

    Only course of action is if the Provider does not force SSL is to use the non-secure access. It is a bit of a catch-22.
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    Edit: So it seems all I needed to do was change my hostname setting on my Cpanel server settings under WHMCS >> Products >> Servers to reflect their required information. my website still reflects my own domain and SSL, and as soon as a client logs in, they are directed to the proper CPanel server with a different domain name. I was under the assumption that changing that setting would somehow effect the rest of the site as well. I was wrong.

    And to answer RRWH, their hostname is very generic and its a reflection of the physical servers they are using, specificly, unison platform, which is Eleven2's infrastructure domain, same with any errors, it simply displays the lightspeed server text instead of anything that could directly link to who I'm reselling from in a single click.
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    I think you should remove that SSL from your domain and apply a new SSL Certificate to your domain if possible with * I am not sure about that but you can try once.

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