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    Good day. I need a help with OVH CDN.
    Does anyone know, do they have manual how to use CDN??
    To activate your CDN, you must:
    1) Report the Backends (IP of your servers) ;
    2) Declare the domain/sub-domains that you want to intergrate with the CDN ;
    3) Point your domain to the CNAME created after your domain is registered;
    4) Add your first cache rule.
    Adding a domain on the CDN generates a CNAME with the format, you need to point the DNS of yourdomain.ext to this CNAME to activate it.
    1.In control panel i'am add my server IP to Backends.
    2.Create rule ".gif to cache"
    Now i can see:

    I don't understand what I should do with CNAME ???

    Maybe you can help me, step by step.
    Thank you for your help.

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    Just found maybe it's will help.

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    I never heard about this CDN. Do you have any feedback on their services?

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    Well, OVH is a big provider from France, and they have representatives in several European countries and US. They boast 9 data centers and are building one in Canada, for example.

    Use the search! Here's an example thread:

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    Backend should be the IP of your origin server. You can edit your DNS zone to point your domain to the cname once you add the domain to CDN. You can also configure cache rules with CDN interface.

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