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    I see on this website that many people are having a problem with 2000 I can list at least 10 things that I have had a problem with this past month. They are a reseller of Melbourne IT. If you want your website to completely disappear for a week at a time, if you want poor customer service, if you expect to get a reminder notice to renew your domain--you won't get one. And when you make payment to renew your domain, they don't post a payment for over a month and your domain name expires. Then when you want to reach them to find out why your payment hasn't gone thru yet, they do not answer their phones or E-mails. I have been trying to get my authorization code to transfer to another domain registrar, they will not give me my authorization code. I had to call Melbourne IT at least 4 times and write to their policy dept---of which I did not get an answer as promised by their support team at Melbourne--I had to call again because I did not get an answer---and she gave me a very hard time to give me the authorization code, even though I had the registration key--she wanted to E-mail it to me--and I didn't get the E-mail, even though my E-mail address is a working E-mail address. I was on the phone with the support person for at least 30 minutes of excruciating stress when I threatened her that I would write to the ICANN--when she finally put me on a place on the Melbourne website where I could get my authorization code with my registration key. My domain name transfer is in process---let's see if it goes thru without any problems or heads will roll. Do not ever use for anything--they will mess with your website because of their unprofessional support and their lack of knowledge on what to do when they get a new server and lose half the platform with their domain name customers. My website completely disappeared from web results in Google---for a week now and I just hope I do not lose my ranking---this is a domain registrar---they are not suppose to be messing with your website on organic listings.They need to be put out of business for what I have been through--it has been a nightmare.
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