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    Godaddy or NameCheap

    Who here likes NameCheap and or likes Godaddy. I like namecheap more because they are easier to work with. I would like to see other opinions out there.

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    Are you just talking about their control panel ( since you posted in the control panel section ) or their domain service?
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    Namecheap is better of course. Because they answer questions within minutes. But it takes about 6 hours on Godaddy. Also Namecheap is more reliable according to me. But Godaddy policies against to buyers. And Namecheap control panel is easy to use and simple.
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    I like Godaddy for their UI since I find it very detailed and neat to the eyes.. namecheap is very dry... and dull... yet I have over 500 domains with namecheap and 2 with Godaddy... don't ask why... Godaddy's bad point is their support.. I would love for them to have livechat, Namecheap's livechat is great.. but the English could be dull at times.. but Godaddy they take long to pickup but you get someone who speaks fluent English with a little southern touch

    Overall... I would Go..Daddy.. (Haha you see what I did there...).
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    Definitely NameCheap to be honest. Their policies are not as strict and they don't use sneaky TOS to make you keep your domain with them. They may be more expensive compared to some of GoDaddy's promos but I think their website is just much easier to navigate through.

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    I prefer Namecheap for its support and control panel (although looks outdated, it's very easy to do almost everything I need). A little bad experience with GoDaddy in terms of support 2-3 years ago which led me to leave them, not sure if they have improved though.

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    Namecheap has clean look interface as well as their support is also good. Though the can't provide the offer which are available at GoDaddy.

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    Namecheap has been very good for me for 15 years. - WordPress for all of us

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