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    removing afterlogic mailsuite pro??


    Does anyone know how to uninstall afterlogic mailsuite pro from linux? I have been searching how to uninstall but no where to find it.

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    CLOSED- I found it a couple of days ago how to find it and remove it.

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    uninstall mailsuite pro


    If you are running cPanel
    default installation path is /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/afterlogic

    change to that directory and run
    # ./installer -a remove
    to uninstall.

    If you are not under cPanel, how you uninstall will depend on which distro you used to install it (source, yum, apt-get, rpm etc)

    so if yum

    yum --remove erase afterlogic-mailsuite-pro.VersionsXXX

    Hope that helps

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