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    ServerBros Limited - 35% off all OpenVZ OR KVM VPS Plans for life!

    Hello all,

    With the release this week of our new KVM nodes we are delighted to open up with a new promotion allowing you to receive 35% off ANY of our KVM OR OpenVZ VPS plans, giving you a chance to grab a bargain while it lasts.

    Simply use the code HUGABRO at checkout to get 35% off any of our KVM or OpenVZ plans for LIFE!

    For new orders placed before 22/10/2013 you will receive UNMETERED bandwidth!

    ServerBros offers you basic management for FREE with all of our VPS plans on either KVM or OpenVZ giving you some breathing space should you make a mistake or something breaks.

    The choice is yours to make when signing up on which Virtualization you wish to choose, but here is something that may help you choose :
    Which should I get?

    Both OpenVZ and KVM are mature technologies with advantages and disadvantages to each. Selecting the appropriate technology at the outset may save you significant future headache. To that end, please review the following list to see where you may fall.


    Only intend to run userspace applications in linux for example LAMP/LNMP stack webhosting
    Typically better performance per dollar with a smaller disk and memory footprint for equivalent solutions.
    Lower management complexity for VPS users

    Intend to run Windows Server or OS other than linux.
    Solution requires custom kernel modifications, patches, specific kernel version or obscure features that are not supported in OpenVZ
    Needs advanced netfilter firewall configuration (exceptionally so, as most iptables features are supported) for example ipset or nfnetlink.
    SELinux. Within the VPS only, it does not prevent inspection from the parent hardware node.

    Url to our OpenVZ plans :
    Url to our KVM Plans :

    Why choose ServerBros?

    We offer TRUE 24/7 support thanks to our staff in different timezones, so no matter what the time is you will receive a prompt response - Our average response for this month is 0.37 hours.

    We provide basic management services with your VPS completely free

    We provide DDOS protection on request!

    We are IPV6 ready, and so should you be!

    We accept PayPal, BitCoin and Direct Bank Transfer as payment methods!

    And most importantly, we are nice guys so no more robotic responses will have to be endured - Honest
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