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    Thumbs up phpBB Multi Forums v4- Multiple Databases, Multiple Domains, and More!

    echoPHP phpBB v4 Released:
    New in v4 phpBB 3.0.11 now supported and ioncube no longer used which now allows full customizing of the forum!

    What makes echoPHP phpBB MultiForums different from the other phpbb-based multiforum software available? I'm glad you asked! Here is a complete list of features (warning: you might want to grab some coffee. This is a long list!

    Easy Installation

    Our one click installer makes setup a breeze!

    MULTIPLE Databases
    echoPHP phpBB MultiForums allows you to set up as many databases as you want/need, to keep your server running smoothly. You are also able to configure how many forums you want on each database - 1 or 100, it's up to you! Once one database is full, echoPHP phpBB MultiForums will automatically switch to the next database. If there is not one available, signups will automatically be turned off and you will be notified that the database is full.

    MULTIPLE Domains!
    echoPHP phpBB MultiForums allows you to use our software to set up forums on multiple domains. As an added bonus, echoPHP phpBB MultiForums is set up to allow the same forum name for different domains. Example: User 1 signs up for User 2 comes along and wants to set up With echoPHP phpBB MultiForums, this is possible!

    Ajax Enabled
    Many functions in echoPHP phpBB MultiForums have been coded using ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology. Perform multiple tasks without waiting for your page to refresh a dozen times!

    Automatically Inserted Ads

    Ads are inserted automatically on the users' forums, wherever you want them to be - top and bottom, top and side: it's your choice!

    Automated Signups
    Choose whether to use email or instant activation
    What's the difference?
    Email Activation will allow the user to pick their own password but require
    them to confirm their address by clicking the link in an email sent to them
    by echoPHP phpBB MultiForums.
    Instant Activation allows instant access to the forums, but emails the user
    their randomly generated password (which again confirms their email address)

    Secure Signups
    echoPHP phpBB MultiForums performs multiple security checks on the data entered in the signup form, before allowing it to be submitted. If a user is trying to spam from your signup form they won't get far!

    Forum Name Availability Check
    Using Ajax, echoPHP phpBB MultiForums automatically checks to see whether the user's desired name is available.

    All forums are set up using subdomains -
    Help increase your domain's search engine rankings!

    User Admin Flexibility
    Forum admins have virtually complete control of the forum in their admin panel - including upgrading their forum status to remove ads and/or have access to database downloads, setting their own forum logo, and changing their board's theme. All of this is of course controllable by the Multi Forum admin via the MF admin panel

    Extreme Styles and Global Admin Template Modifications
    Extreme styles is a fast replacement for phpBB's somewhat slow template system. It caches templates to provide quicker load times for pages, reducing server overhead.
    Global Admin Template allows you to use one template for the admin area, saving precious server disk space.

    Advanced Ad Removal and Database Backup Access
    Users have the option of removing ads by paying a flat fee (that you set) or by purchasing a number of ad-free impressions. Database backups are handled in a similar fashion - they can pay a flat fee to have 'unlimited' access to backups, or they can purchase blocks of downloads at a certain price. (again which you set)

    Paid Upgrades

    Users can upgrade their forum to remove ads (by purchasing a number of ad-free impressions or paying a flat fee for ad removal) and are also able to get access to database backups (by purchasing a number of downloads - in blocks you set or paying a flat fee), all at prices YOU set! Currently using Paypal's IPN technology to process payments, upgrades are automatic for verified, confirmed, instant Paypal payments (eChecks will not automatically upgrade the account until it has cleared). You also have the ability to choose one time or recurring payments.

    Multi Forum Administrative Features
    Forums at a Glance
    View hosted forums easily; perform tasks on multiple forums at once, and more!

    In Depth Forum Control
    echoPHP MultiForums allows you to perform many tasks on individual forums, such as

    Edit Contact Email
    View Forum Signup Date, Number of Posts, Number of Members, Category, and
    Days since last post
    Change Database - Is a forum admin complaining their forum runs too slowly? Easily and effortlessly move them to another database!
    View Upgrades Made
    Suspend/Unsuspend, Put Into/Take Out of Maintenance, Disable/Enable Ads, Backup Database for just that forum, Contact the Forum Admin
    Rename - Did someone make a typo? Change their forum name quickly and easily
    Take Admin Control - If for whatever reason you need to take over admin duties for a particular forum, it couldn't get much easier than this! The ability relinquish control back to the original admin is also included

    Illegal Terms Search
    Concerned that someone may be using your service for warez or porn? A quick search will tell you if your suspicions are right!

    Inactive Forum Pruning

    Why host forums that are never used, and are taking up precious space on your server? The pruning tool will remove forums that haven't been posted on for the number of days you specify.


    Keep all your forums neatly organized in categories. Add and Delete categories as necessary!

    Email Templates

    You have full control over what is in the emails sent out when someone signs up, when you suspend their forum, or when you take admin control of their forum.

    Contact all Suspended, all pending, all active, or all current forum hostees easily

    Ad Management
    Ad Management couldn't be simpler! Just paste your ad code and click save

    Forum Admin News

    Do you want to notify your forum admins of upcoming maintenance? Adding news
    is easy. You also control what is published

    Premium Upgrades Control
    Set the prices for your upgrades, your Paypal information, and view transaction information in real time. You also have the ability to change certain information for individual transactions

    IP Banning
    Ban a single IP or an entire range

    Maintenance Control
    View/Edit/or Add Databases, Domains, and banned IPs

    mySQL Upgrade Tool
    A very powerful tool that allows you to perform database updates on your pre-existing forums. So if a new release of phpBB comes out that requires a database update, you can easily run it on your already hosted forums.

    Terms of Service Editor
    Edit the terms of your forum host with ease

    Powerful Configuration Tool
    Signup Related

    Enable/Disable Signups
    Set Instant or Email Activation
    Set the maximum number of posts a forum can have to download a database backup - this helps prevent your server crashing while trying to perform a backup on a very popular forum. A message will be shown to the admin explaining that you will need to do the backup for them.
    Choose whether or not to send an email when suspending
    Choose which pages to not display ads on (to stay within terms of an advertiser, for example)
    Define what forum names are disallowed
    Set the maximum number of forums to set up on a database before switching to the next
    Set the maximum number of days after which a forum will be pruned if it has no posts, and unactivated accounts will be removed
    Set the username to use when taking admin control of a forum

    Forum Integrated

    Define the Initial (ie when a forum is set up) Forum Name, Description, Post Subject, and Post
    Choose whether or not to allow custom logos
    Set maximum logo size and allowed logo file types
    Choose whether to allow forum admins who have purchased impression based ad removal to control whether or not to hide the ads (this helps them stretch their dollars, if they choose)
    Choose whether to display an upgrade form within the admin area, and whether or not to show news

    Admin Settings

    Change your admin username, email, and/or password
    Choose whether to receive an email when a forum is set up
    Choose whether to enable or disable the WYSIWYG editor
    Set your admin language

    Server Requirements:

    Web server: Apache HTTP Server 1.3 or higher.
    Linux O/S or Windows
    PHP 4.3.3 or higher.
    PHP Libraries: MySQL, PCRE, XML,
    mySQL 4.x
    mod_rewrite (to create "nice" pages for Directory listings)
    Minimum 1 database, 2 recommended
    Ability to create (or have created for you) a top level domain (ie or subdomain (ie - phpBB MF is not currently designed to run in a subfolder.
    Ability to create (or have created for you) wildcard subdomains (ie * or *
    open_basedir off (only if using the multiple domain feature)

    You can try a demo here

    echoPHP owned licenses are being offered at the price of $89.95 to have ALL these features!

    ORDER By Clicking HERE!


    What payment methods do you accept?
    Paypal only at this time

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by posting here, PM, or email.

    Vist our website for at

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    Can you discount this script?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jorjee001 View Post
    Can you discount this script?
    I am offering right now for the next 30 days for WHT users.

    A discount of 15% off. Use coupon code: ECHOPHP-WHTFALL13

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    Hi You also own the phpbbhs script right?
    I have a copy of that one and I want to know which one is better.

    Reason why I did not go with echophp before hand was because it seemed really dead and had not ha updates i forever which got me to go with phpbbhs.

    Which one in your opinion is the better script to work with?

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    Have just updated echoPHP to support phpBB 3.0.12!

    Yes I own and update/maintain both scripts. I just started really getting into echoPHP I do think it is a little easier to update and has some cool features that phpBBHS doesn't have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vbgamer45 View Post
    Have just updated echoPHP to support phpBB 3.0.12!

    Yes I own and update/maintain both scripts. I just started really getting into echoPHP I do think it is a little easier to update and has some cool features that phpBBHS doesn't have.
    So, If you where a potential client, Which script would you now choose to use?

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    I would probably do echoPHP for the feature set.

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