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    Choopa 1 Year Review

    I've been with Choopa in New Jersey for a little over a year now and I figured I'd do a review with them. (Choopa and Constant are the same company pretty much but my service is through Choopa)
    Initially I had a dedicated server with them, a month or two into my service I experienced a kernel panic, they reinstalled CentOS for me within 2 hours at 10PM on a Friday night, how's that for service. Now I consolidated my websites and now I just have a single server with them that I colocate. I can't recommend them enough.

    Uptime: 10/10
    Uptime has been perfect, Pingdom shows 100% measured at 1min intervals on my colo, which has just hit 100 days uninterupted uptime.

    Support: 9/10
    Their support is very good, they answer tickets quickly and rarely have to escalate issues. If there is an issue they take care of it right away. I had some hard drive failures and they installed the new hard drives within 25 minutes of FedEx delivering them. I also call them sometimes, I've never been put on hold more than a minute and the person who picks up has always been able to take care of my problem, they have never put me back on hold and transferred me to someone else. I've also called at some weird times and someone always picks up, even on Christmas day :-). I take away one point because sometimes I feel I get a canned response from their support staff, but those are rare. Their system admins are incredibly knowledgeable. I can have a tech at my server any time of day in less than 30 minutes. 2 am and I locked myself out of my machine and a tech accessed the machine and fixed the issue in less than 10 minutes (with no charge mind you :-), during the day it might be a little longer wait but I've never had to wait too long.

    Network: 9/10
    They have great network connectivity, I can pull my full gigabit port anytime of day. They have several different providers that I would consider high quality, like nLayer and Level3. My server has never lost network connectivity. I take a point off because sometimes I get some weird routing, and every so often my download speed from the server slows down considerably, but I think that might be on Time Warner Cable's end. They were also able to route me around a TWC peering issue on TWC's end.

    Price: 10/10
    I wouldn't call them the cheapest but they aren't expensive either. I give them a 10/10 for because the dollar value is fantastic.

    Choopa/Constant has a pod in DuPont Fabros' giant datacenter in New Jersey, DuPont Fabros' largest customers are Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, and Rackspace; clients like these don't accept downtime, it's a rock solid DC.
    Let me know if anyone has any questions.
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    One of our clients VERY recently asked us to move all their servers to Choopa (ReliableServers) from BurstNet.

    We're not looking back, only good things to say about them. Very good support, very good customer service.
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    I too have had good service with Choopa. I have a single dedicated server with them and from a technical side it has been great. I've only had a few dealings with support in the beginning, like getting IPv6 enabled on the switch, so I can't comment there. Their network has been rock solid and off the top of my head I can't think of a single period of downtime.

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