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    We order a Linux dedicated server with BurstNET on 16th of this month (Monday)
    As per BurstNET commitment they should deliver the server with in 72 hours but still we are not got the server. When we raise a mail with them they reply.


    We apologize for the delay in this. Unfortunately large scale promotions and sales can occasionally delay the normal delivery time of a server. Once your server is ready a welcome letter with the pertinent details will be sent to your registered email address. Any delays beyond 72 hours can be adjusted in the billing date once the server is delivered.

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    I promise to my customer i will deliver the server on 19th, Now customer is dissatisfaction with us.....

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    I don't see this as service experience since you are just in a process in ordering a server.

    And they did explain the reason for the delay so there is nothing wrong with that.
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    Just to clarify something for you.. I'm quite certain the 72-hour delivery is just an estimate, not a guarantee.
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    As they explained, probably due to high amount of orders, they have some slight delay on new server setups.
    Just give them some more time, I'm sure you'll get your server soon
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    Burst is reputable and I'm sure they'll get it setup soon. I would suggest that you inquire about setup (giving details of anything specific needed) always prior to ordering with anyone. Then multiply times two and shoot for that.

    Just because I read 4 hour setup somewhere, I know that in the real world I'll have my server up in about a week.

    Many times there are things you need done so maybe there are rounds to the setup and it can take longer than you think.

    In this case, as often with promotions, they are just a little behind their normal window.
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