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    HostWithLinux - cPanel Hosting, Fast UK Servers, 24/7 Support, Just $10 a YEAR!

    HostWithLinux aims to provide high quality cPanel hosting on Linux, perfect for individuals with a low budget and high expectations! HostWithLinux also boasts a strong support team with staff around the world, near perfect uptime and a high performance network. Our servers in the UK operate on some of the fastest networks, allowing quick access to visitors from Europe and the USA.

    Why choose us?

    Uptime - 100% uptime is our top priority. We aim is to keep your site online and loading fast all the time! (Pingdom Stats)

    Unlimited Features - We offer unlimited features (domains, databases, email accounts etc.) to allow you to make full use of your account space and bandwidth limits.

    Low Prices - We own all of our hardware, and manage our own servers. This allows us to provide you with excellent service at some of the best prices in the industry.

    Account Backups - Your account is securely backed up to a remote server daily, with the ability to retrieve the latest daily or weekly backup built into cPanel. All backups include the ability to restore files, emails and databases separately.

    High Performance Servers - All servers have a minimum of 8GB RAM and RAID6 10K SAS drives. We also run the latest versions of PHP and Apache/Nginx.

    Money Back Guarantee - Feeling unhappy with our service? We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee processed within 24 hours.

    What else do we offer?

    • Softaculous auto installer
    • Free website builder
    • Daily/Weekly remote backups
    • Quick and easy blog installs
    • PHP 5
    • No payment contract
    • Latest cPanel software
    • Free website transfer
    • Low number of account's per server

    Shared hosting plans

    Need extra features or don't see anything suited to you? Send us an email and we might be able to create something! support(at)

    You can view our selection of cPanel Reseller accounts here!

    Small - $10/year

    10 GB Disk Space
    50GB Bandwidth
    Unlimited features
    Unlimited Domains

    Create a support ticket if you require more information, or just take a look at our website!

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    Please create a support ticket with any sales or support questions, I'm not always online to respond to PM's!

    (P.S. Can't edit thread)

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