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    Dropbox: How to password protect files and folders while maintaining constant access

    Hello everyone. I apologize if this is beneath or above the scope of this website but I'm in somewhat of a bind so I'm exhausting all avenues to find a solution.

    Here' my situation:

    I'm working on a research project that involves highly sensitive information. There is the head of the project who "hosts" all of the files on dropbox and then there is his research team who all have dropbox installed on their personal laptops with access to these files. We all understand that it's important to keep laptops secured with passwords, but in the event that someone accidentally leaves their computer on and signed in and walks away from it, we would like to protect all of the files in dropbox so that they are password protected. Basically, we want to take the burden off of the operating system and the operator, and make all files secure in and of themselves.


    All files must be password protected
    All files must be accessible at all times by all team members
    We would like this to be a seamless process in which no one has to mess around with encrypting or mounting/unmounting, just a simple password entry to gain access each time you want to open the file or folder.

    The only thing that I have been able to come up with so far is to teach everyone how to use WinRar and to unzip and rezip (password protected) with every use of every files (sounds tedious, right?)

    Is there any feature in dropbox that will allow me to password protect all files and folders, or even just select files and folders? If not, is there a good third party program that works well with dropbox to accomplish these goals?

    If this is not possible, is there a program that is like dropbox but has this feature?

    Thank you, and again, apologies if this is not the right place for this question. If not, i would really appreciate it someone could point me towards somewhere that is more appropriate.

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    I think that DropBox itself does not support such features. However there is third party software which may work for you - PassWord, TrueCrypt, SecretSync. Also maybe an option could be to work with the online version, this way it will require pass every time.

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