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    * [] 50% OFF - Ultrafast RAID-10 SSD Hosting with LiteSpeed - $12.5/month

    At ProperHost we are excided to just have launched a significant upgrade to our high-performance hosting platform, now including ultrafast RAID-10 SSD storage solution and the revolutionary CloudLinux Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) technology.

    For a limited time, we now offer 50% OFF your first invoice when ordering any Magento hosting or reseller account.

    Enter coupon code "mage50off" during checkout to claim your discount.
    Improved stability
    CloudLinux improves stability of the server by encapsulating each client in an isolated, secure environment called a Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE), a kernel technology developed by CloudLinux.

    In shared hosting, the most common reason for downtime is a single account slowing down other accounts on the server. If one customer is using an unfair amount of resources (e.g. due to being under a DDoS attack, poorly written script, etc.), the server would become slow or go down completely, affecting all other customers on the server. With CloudLinux, we are able to isolate the impact to the offending tenant only, while all other sites remain unaffected.

    Added security features
    CloudLinux includes CageFS – a virtualized per-user file system that uniquely encapsulates each customer's files and running processes, preventing users from seeing each other and potentially exploiting sensitive information. CageFS offers complete isolation and prevents a large number of attacks, such as privilege escalation and information disclosure attacks.

    Unparalleled performance
    We have replaced the old SATA drives with all-new solid state disks (SSD) in a RAID-10 configuration, offering both redundancy and unprecedented IO performance. The servers are highly optimized using LiteSpeed Enterprise web server (6x faster than Apache), Percona Server MySQL replacement, PHP opcode cache, Memcached support, and more!

    Server details
    • Dual Intel E5 Processors
    • Minimum 32 GB ECC DDR3 RAM
    • RAID-10 SSD Storage
    • LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server
    • LiteSpeed Dynamic Page Cache
    • Percona MySQL Server
    • PHP 5.4
    • suEXEC and CageFS
    • PCI Compliant
    • No overselling

    For more information, check out our SSD-accelerated hosting plans.

    All plans include 100% network uptime, daily Idera server backups, free Magento installation and more.

    Magento Basic
    • 5 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
    • 50 GB Premium Bandwidth
    • 1 Full CPU Core
    • 1024 MB RAM
    • Max 100 Nodes (Accounts) Per Server

    Price: $25 per month $12.5 per month

    Magento Professional
    • 15 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
    • 250 GB Premium Bandwidth
    • 2 Full CPU Cores
    • 2048 MB RAM
    • Max 50 Nodes (Accounts) Per Server
    • Dedicated Memcached Instance
    • Host Multiple Stores/Domains and SSL Certificates

    Price: $75 per month $37.5 per month

    Magento Enterprise
    • 50 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
    • 750 GB Premium Bandwidth
    • 3 Full CPU Cores
    • 3072 MB RAM
    • Max 15 Nodes (Accounts) Per Server
    • Dedicated Memcached Instance
    • Host Multiple Stores/Domains and SSL Certificates
    • Free SSL Certificate and Dedicated IP

    Price: $150 per month $75 per month

    Complete plan comparison

    Also check out our reseller plans.

    About ProperHost
    ProperHost is a leading hosting provider specializing in high-performance hosting and server optimizations for the Magento eCommerce software. Since its establishment in 2004, ProperHost has attained a solid market position in the premium hosting market through its devotion to mission-critical hosting and commitment to customer satisfaction. The company is based in Norway, with servers located in several US and UK data centers.
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    Magento Optimized Hosting powered by CloudLinux, LiteSpeed Enterprise, Percona and LiteMage Cache
    Now also with Magento 2.0 Support!
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