More than 60% of consumers are making a huge mistake. According AYTM Market Research, 60% of

consumers use Google's free email service
, and that doesn't include all those using other free email services like Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. But when others see these free email accounts it speaks volumes about you:

1) You can't afford a real email address.
2) You're too cheap for a real email address.
3) You're not professional.
4) You don't value your image.

You look more professional when you use your own domain name instead of a free one. Replace something generic like [email protected] with something like

[email protected] Feature your brand name and your personal name. HostWired allows you to create this unique and professional email address and right

now you can get 10 email addresses for only $10/year (Only $5/year using the promocode "EMAIL50%"). That $10/year ($5/year using the promocode "

") buys you:

> 1 GB of storage. Enough for 10 years of stored email.
> 10 GB Monthly Traffic.
> Up to 10 separate Email addresses so that each address is only $1/year (Only 50 cents using the promocode "EMAIL50%")!
> 50 MB attachments
> FREE nightly, weekly and monthly backups.
> Use your favorite desktop software, or your mobile device, or your web browser
> Spam filtering
> Virus protection

To get your own professional email addresses, select our “Economy” plan at $1/month which provides you with up to 10 emails.

OFFER: Get your email-hosting plan for only $5 per year! (for the first year). Use the promo code: "EMAIL50%" when you place your order. Valid until: 11/1/2013
7 Years of excellent service proves that HostWired is not another "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" host.

Why HostWired?

- No limits on CPU and RAM usage
- No Site Suspensions due to excessive resource use
- Multiple Backups for extra protection against hackers, server crashes, & accidents
- Latest versions of MySQL and php
- cPanel to give you the most popular control panel today.
- Extra features such as PostgreMySQL, Tomcat, Ruby on Rails, etc
- Fantastico, RVSkin, RVSiteBuilder, Softaculous and more!
- 24/7/365 Support with personalized service
- Search Engines submission
- Google PageRank and Alexa improvement
- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
- Monitored & guaranteed 99,9% uptime
- Instant Account Setup
- Free Site Transfers From cPanel
- No contracts
- No hidden fees
- Hosting plan updates anytime without extra fees
- Very Low Average Server Load
- We are Green!


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